St Catherine's Church


Near Boot, in Eskdale


Under the hills next to the River Esk and far from other houses and homes lies Saint Catherine's. There has been a place of worship in this place since a seventh century hermit sat by his well and offered Holy Water, Prayer and Healing to all who sought him.


• 1st Sunday:11am Eucharist

• 2nd Sunday:11am Eucharist

St Bega's Church

Eskdale Green: in the centre of the village, on the right as you go east up the valley


Built as a school and Chapel of Ease and taken over as a church in 1997 the building is well used and in fact now incorporates the village Post Office.

Its significance is defined by its value to the local community; not just as a place of worship but for many other functions. The terracotta font comes from an earlier church.
It houses a Post Office for the village.


• 3rd Sunday: 9.30am :- Morning Prayer

• 4th Sunday: 9.30am :- Family Communion

Please check for variations in these arrangements under Covid

St Catherine's and St Bega's Churches , Eskdale

  • Churchwardens
  • Tony Fox:Tel. 019467 23214

  • Di Postlethwaite Tel. 019467 23235

  • PCC Secretary
  • Jackie Oakes Tel. 019467 23303

  • PCC Treasurer
  • Susan Wedley Tel. 019467 23126

    Seat Reservation for Attendance at services at St Bega's and St Catherines
    We are observing strict Social distancing in our churches and seating may therefore be limited.
    Please contact Tony Fox Tel:019467 23214 or before the service date
    to reserve seats.
    Please leave full contact details including Name, Contact Tel. number and the number of places that you like to reserve.
    If you are trying to reserve more than one place, please state whether you are all in the same 'bubble' as this enables space to be used more efficiently.
    Thank you and Welcome!

    April update Eskdale
    Our church buildings were finally able to open again for worship on Palm Sunday, 28th March, with the control measures in place as specified by our risk assessments. It's been lovely to be back in church and actually see real people rather than peering at them on a screen! Since Gill Hart's retirement there are a team of people covering all the services across the whole Mission Community (that's our Benefice from Whicham to Eskdale, plus the next door Seatallan Benefice which covers Gosforth, Seascale, Wasdale, Calder Bridge and Beckermet). Details as to the Eskdale services are on the South Calder Mission Community website, see http:// , or see the Eskdale Valley Community Facebook page where I normally post about services each week. It would be lovely to see you!
    Before services restarted, I was going into St Catherine's each Sunday morning on my own to say Morning Prayer and was happy to take any prayer requests that people had. That still stands: if anyone would like prayers said for any reason, please contact either me or Charles Browne. Contact us either via Facebook messenger, or email me All requests are treated confidentially.
    Finally, I wanted once again to pass on thanks for your amazing generosity towards the Foodbank. We started the weekly collection point when the first lockdown began last March, and since then, a car boot full of food has been donated every single week except for the few times the foodbank in Egremont was shut. We have been directly supporting a couple of local families, and sending any surplus to the Foodbank hub at Egremont. The families and the Foodbank staff have all asked for their thanks to be passed on. A reminder that food donations can be left in the boxes at St Bega's church porch for collection each Friday lunchtime, and there is also a donation tin at the shop for anyone who wants to give a cash donation instead. Our grateful thanks to all involved.
    Many thanks