St Catherine's Church


Near Boot, in Eskdale


Under the hills next to the River Esk and far from other houses and homes lies Saint Catherine's. There has been a place of worship in this place since a seventh century hermit sat by his well and offered Holy Water, Prayer and Healing to all who sought him.


• 1st Sunday:11am Eucharist

• 2nd Sunday:11am Eucharist

St Bega's Church

Eskdale Green: in the centre of the village, on the right as you go east up the valley


Built as a school and Chapel of Ease and taken over as a church in 1997 the building is well used and in fact now incorporates the village Post Office.

Its significance is defined by its value to the local community; not just as a place of worship but for many other functions. The terracotta font comes from an earlier church.
It houses a Post Office for the village.


• 3rd Sunday: 9.30am :- Morning Prayer

• 4th Sunday: 9.30am :- Family Communion

Please check for variations in these arrangements under Covid

St Catherine's and St Bega's Churches , Eskdale

  • Churchwardens
  • Tony Fox:Tel. 019467 23214

  • Di Postlethwaite Tel. 019467 23235

  • PCC Secretary
  • Jackie Oakes Tel. 019467 23303

  • PCC Treasurer
  • Susan Wedley Tel. 019467 23126