Church Fund-raising and Online Giving

During the current crisis, despite our churches being closed, the work of our clergy has continued and has been giving support to our communities through personal contacts, group tele-meetings and maintaining an active prayer-life for the whole community.

Our income comes solely from you, both regular and occasional visitors and the regular attenders at our local churches.
The collections at weekly services have stopped and will possibly not re-start in its current form. We are fortunate that some of our income comes from regular donations through bank-transfer but the loss of our weekly collections will have a financial impact on us.
To that end we are introducing an Online Giving system, in place of the weekly collection, so that those wanting to give money to us occasionally have a safe means of so doing. Each Parish is also reviewing its fundraising activities and will be discussing these further at their forthcoming Annual General meetings.You can be assured that your donation will be received by the parish that you wish to support for which we are always very grateful.

Click on the boxes below to find out what is happening in each Parish. Information is also available On the 'A Church Near You ' website. If you click on the image above, you will be taken to our ACNY Pages
Thank you.

  • Drigg Fundraising Appeal

    Drigg Parish and St Peter's Church have a number of local fund raising efforts during the year organised by the Village and Church . Contact the PCC Secretary for further Details

  • Eskdale Fundraising/ Online Donations

    Harvest appeal: Farming Community Network

    Our Harvest Appeal ran throughout October, and donations made via the link on our website will be sent to the Farming Community Network to help them continue their work in support of the farming community.

    The Harvest Appeal made £70 in October and this will be donated to the Farming Community Network. Thank you to all who contributed. This appeal has now closed.

    Memorial Stone Fund Appeal.

    This appeal is now open. I apologise to anyone who tried to donate but found that the 'donate' button was not connected to the system. It is now!!**

    We know that St Catherine’s is a very special place for many people, and that there are those all over the country and beyond who have a link to Eskdale because loved ones are buried in our beautifully peaceful churchyard. The churchyard grounds are very well looked after, and part of that requires us to manage the space that we have. There are plans to create a Memorial Garden, which will be an area of the churchyard specifically allocated for the burial of ashes. A memorial stone will be installed in this garden, for the inscription of the names of loved ones whose ashes are buried there, as a lasting memorial to them and their place in our community. If you would like to contribute to the cost of purchasing and setting up the stone as a way of supporting St Catherine’s, you can do so via the link on our website. Your support is very much appreciated.

    Select one of the two buttons below that will take you to a secure online card transaction system. Thank you for your donation.

  • Irton Fundraising/Online Donations

    Irton has regular Fund Raising events and also has Online giving for both 'One-Off' and Regular donations. The Buttons below are linked to a secure online Card Transaction system. Thank you for your donation.

  • Muncaster Fundraising Appeal

    There are no publicly announced details for Muncaster at present but if you wish to enquire, please contact the Muncaster PCC Secretary

  • Waberthwaite Fundraising Appeal

    Waberthwaite has an active Fund Raising is actively fundraising and you can see more details of this on their page on A Church Near You. Click the button below to go to their site.