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Second Test by Charles

Photography is a hobby that I have grown to like, especially when walking! 

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Partnerships by Gill

Building partnerships is one way of tackling a piece of work that is too large for us to manage on our own.

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Music in Church by Charles

How should we use music, played in church, to assist both formal worship and to create the right ambience for private worship ?

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Music to my ears by Gill

The interesting program on Herbert Howells recently (Great Lives BBC R4) traced his life in music and included some his greatest compositions. 

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Pilgrim Walks - finding God in the landscape by Gill

Over the summer we have enjoyed some lovely walks together, with good conversation on the journey and a pause for reflection we have got to know one another better, shook off some of the stresses of the week and discovered a deeper appreciation for the beautiful landscape in which we live. Tonight will be our final walk of the year....

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thinkworship by Gill

thinkworship is a local initiative to encourage conversations about worship.

Conversation starter: Is worship the actions we perform or the feelings that accompany it?

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Where is your church? by Gill

We have some amazing Church buildings in this benefice. Buildings which have acted as places for the community to gather for generations. They have sheltered us through good times and bad and are soaked in our collective and individual memoires. That is why they are so important to us and why we are happy and proud to share them with others. All our churches are open for visitors to come in and pause, reflect and pray. You are welcome to pop in whenever you are passing if you find the peace of these buildings a helpful focus for reflection.....but buildings just don't do it for everyone....for some people they need some quite different.

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