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Songs of Praise at
St Catherine's Church on
June 23rd.
Please tell us your favourite hymns and poems!!
There will be books at both St Catherine's, and St Bega's, to write them down!
  • Welcome to the 'Western Lakes District Churches' Website

    On this site you will information on all the parishes that make up the benefice, not forgetting that we have now become a larger benefice and our sister parishes will also be recorded on this site. These will include the parishes of: Drigg, Bootle, Corney, Whitcham and Whitbeck. The latter four churches constitute the Black Combe Churches.

    The Name of the new benefice is "The Western Lake District Churches" and in the next few days you will be able to access this website by the new name (please do not try just yet!) as well as the current name (www.eskdalebenefice,org.uk). The title of this website, currently Eskdale Benefice, will also change. This 'lead-in' is to give people who have used this website for some years to adjust to the change.

    I have set up a page on this site to show the Blackcombe Churches website in an iFrame.
    Click on " Black Combe Churches " in the menu bar on the left side of the page.

    We will try and keep up to date with all the service times and locations.

    Remember that if you have a query the best person to contact is a member of the Parish concerned, not the vicar who is probably hurrying between appointments.

    Please be sure that you will have a warm welcome to any of our church services.

    If you have queries about this website please contact me via the Contacts page. If you do spot any inaccuracies (there are bound to be some!) please let me know and I will correct them, if possible.

  • Benefice Safeguarding Policy and Contact Details of Parish Safeguarding Officers and Support Organisations

    Promoting a safer church


    1. Promoting a safer environment and culture
    2. Safely recruiting and supporting all those with any responsibility related to children, young people and vulnerable adults within the Church
    3. Responding promptly to every safeguarding concern or allegation
    4. Caring pastorally for victims/survivors of abuse and other affected persons
    5. Caring pastorally for those who are the subject of concerns or allegations of abuse and other affected persons
    6. Responding to those that may pose a present risk to others.

    that someone you know is at risk of, or is being abused or presents a risk to others, please seek advice from a Safeguarding Advisor or if necessary report the matter to the Local Authority Social Care Services or the Police without delay.

  • Latest News and Announcements. Information about Lent and Easter

    27/02/19 Update on heating installation at St Catherine's. We are still waiting for the new system to be connected to the mains supply, which cannot be undertaken by anybody other than official suppliers. 

    Lent - Ash Wednesday 6th March 2019  with Holy Communion and the Imposition of Ashes at St Paul's lrton at 7 pm
    Lent Course
    The Lent course this year is inviting us to explore the life of Christ depicted in the scriptures and in art. We will be using material prepared by St Martin's in the Field, London to discover how artists have been inspired to depict Christ's life and what their insights might show us about our own journey as we seek to follow in his footsteps.
    Course Dates and Locations

    13th March
    7.30 pm -9.00pm
    The Rectory, 2 Smithy Banks. Holmrook

    20th March
    7.30 pm - 9 pm
    The Rectory

    27th March
    7.30 pm - 9 pm
    The Rectory

    6th April
    7.30 pm - 9 pm
    The Rectory

    13th April
    7.30 pm - 9 pm
    The Rectory
    7th March
    2.00 pm - 3.00 pm
    Waberthwaite Village Hall

    14th March
    2.00 pm -3.00 pm
    Waberthwaite Village Hall

    21st March
    2.00 pm -300 pm
    Waberthwaite Village Hall

    28th March
    2.00 pm -3.00 pm
    Waberthwaite Village Hall

    4th April
    2.00 pm -3.00 pm
    Waberthwaite Village Hall

    Lent Lunches Around Black Combe

    It is intended to run the Lent Lunches again this year as they are enjoyed and supported by many people who like to take the opportunity of coming together and raising funds for charity.

    March 13th
    Bootle Rectory
    12 noon
    March 20th
    Bootle Chapel
    12 Noon
    March 27th
    Silecroft Village Hall
    12 Noon
    April 3rd
    Bootle Rectory
    12 Noon
    April 10th
    Silecroft Village Hall
    12 Noon
    April 17th
    12 Noon

    Friends from around the Benefice are welcome at all these events.

    Programme for Holy Week (15-19th April)

    Palm Sunday

    1. Irton           Holy Communion 9.30am
    2. Corney       Holy Communion 11 am
    3. St Bega's.  Holy Communion 11 am
    4. Drigg.         Family communion with procession 11 am
    5. Whicham   Dramatisation of the Passion, with music and Silence 4 pm


    Bootle: Compline, a quiet service of night prayers  6pm

    Muncaster :Compline 7pm


    Whitbeck: Compline 6pm

    Muncaster: Stations of the Cross 7pm


    Whicham: Tenebrae, a service of readings, prayers and silence 6pm

    Muncaster: Tenebrae 7pm

    Maundy Thursday

    Bootle: Holy communion and Stripping of the altar 10 am

    Kirkstanton Village Hall: Passover Celebration 7 pm (numbers required for catering, please let Angela know if you would like tickets)

    Muncaster: Holy Communion with Vigil 7pm

    Good Friday

    Bootle: An hour at the Cross 2pm

    Muncaster: an Hour at the Cross 2pm

    Holy Saturday

    Bootle: Decorating the Cross in Church from 11 am

  • Being Christian

    Starting in September there will be an opportunity to explore four key areas of engagement for Christians: Baptism, The Bible, The Eucharist and Prayer. Over four weeks we will look at each area in turn to help build up a clearer picture of what it means to be a Christian.
    If you are interested in finding out more contact Gill on hart.gill@btopenworld.com

  • Church Vision Statement

    There are many different kinds of partnerships that we may enter into over the course of our lives, from marriages to businesses arrangements; some short-term others life-long. What they all have in common if they are going to achieve their agreed goal is mutual respect about what each partner brings to the relationship. The Church cannot claim an unblemished record in Education but it has also, throughout its history, done a great deal to positively foster learning. The Church provided the first free schools in this country and that commitment to education being available for everyone remains the foundation of the partnership we enjoy locally between the Church and Church Schools today. Recently the Church of England has produced a document entitled Vision for Education. This document is not just for those involved with Church Schools but is intended to contribute to a much wider conversation within our society. What should education for life in the 21st century look like?
    Not surprisingly, for a Church Vision Statement at its centre is the promise Jesus made, that he had come to give us ‘life in all its fulness’. The vision unpacks what this abundant life might look like for people in Britain today by focusing on four goals for education which it suggests will equip people to live well. It says that education should be;

    • for wisdom, knowledge and skills
    • for hope and aspiration
    • for community and living well together
    • for dignity and respect.

    This ‘vision document’ is being very positively received both in Church and state schools throughout the country. It articulates what many good teachers believe and is finally affirming the importance of what they do, by creating the bigger picture in which education debates can be understood.
    In the coming months both the Church and our Church Schools hope to be able to engage in a conversation with our local communities about what excites us about teaching and learning today and what values our communities believe important enough to pass on to our children to equip them for life both now and in the years to come. Gill

Images of churches in our Combined Benefice

  • St Michael's Church, Bootle
  • ST Catherine's Church, Boot
  • St Peter's Church, Drigg
  • St Paul's Church, Irton
  • St Michael's Church, Muncaster
  • St John's Church, Waberthwaite
  • St Mary's Church, Whicham
  • ST Mary's Church, Whitbeck
  • St John's Church, Corney